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G-WIR-E shielding wires join the excellent compression ability of solid, foamed or tubular elastomer wires with the conductivity of knitted mesh. The outcome of this is a very high connectivity. The material is available in a huge range of diameters as well as metal and elastomer combination for different requirements. The elastomer core is surrounded by two layers of mesh normally. Up to seven layers can be delivered to raise the attenuation, but the compression rate of the wire falls related to the amount of layers. Normally two layers achieve enough attenuation in practice. More than four layers should not be chosen. Else the compression rate will be much limited. G-WIR-E with up to four layers metal mesh directly returns to its origin after compression. Therefore it is an excellent EMC seal for doors or housings, which are frequently opened and closed. This type of EMC gasket is not a weather gasket. Gaskets join the brilliant compression abilities of elastomer with the conductivity of knitted mesh. Out of this results a really good connectivity for several application.

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