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Our suppliers and partners

FIP-gaskets (dispensed gaskets) for direct installation on various components. Conductive steal fiber felt optionally filled with silicone for pressurised EMC-gaskets. Conductive adhesive on silicone or two-components basis with different extenders (for exmaple NI or Ag/glas). RTV or epoxy constructions. Conductive varnishes or coating from acryl or PU-paint with silver particles. Spread- or sprayable. Resistivity from 1,0 to 0,001 Ohm/cm depending on the paint or adhesive.

Conductive shrink tubes für EMC and ESD requirements. Standard sizes from 1/8 to 5 inch diameter, length up to three feed. Temperature range from -55°C up to +135°C. Shrink rate: 2% for the length and up to 50% for the diameter. Process temperature 120°C. Average shielding effectiveness 55bD. Naja, ESA and Avionic specified.

Special EMC gaskets for aerospace as well as railway supply industry. The gaskets have several international approvals for aerospace and railway supply instustry. Special profiles and extrudates, formed parts, membranes, inflatable gaskets. Rubber metal parts and conductive o-rings from uncommon elastomeres like pokyurethan and nitrile butadine (NBR). Clip on with and without metal inserts as well as magnetic jump seals (zero compression force).

Knitted fabrics and elastomere gaskets with surrounding knitted fabrics, honey comb filter from aluminium, brass or steal, combi gaskets, connector and flat gaskets, conductive silicone, magnetic sealing strips, extruded flat profiles, dust filters, shielded windows for electric control cabinets.

Steward Ferrites and ferrite base materials for computers, automotive industries, consumer products and telecommunication, assembly parts for SMD and plug assembly, ferrite cores (beads), common mode chokes, axial ferrites, cable cores for round and flat cables, multipin ferrites, ferrite arrays, disks and plates.

3D-countersink covers and front panels for HF-technic and electronic. Simple and multi-cavity covers from steal (V2A, V4A, titan etc.), non-iron and light metall (aluminium, copper, magnesium, lead etc.), as well as thermo- or thermosetting moulding materials. Covers and frontpanels with or without labels (print, laser, gravure etc.). Several surface finishes are possible.

Copper beryllium and stainless steal contact spring in all forms, special springs and punchings, tin-plated steel plate cases (in different forms and heights) for direct shielding on the board, free configuration possibilities for cases within a quater inch grid.

High quality filters for EMC, EMP, NEMP and tempest application, line filters (as well for very high currents), filters for analog and digital telephone lines, data and control signals (AC and DC), lead-through filters and condensers. Typical filter performance at 100bD (charge independent).

Antennas: omni directionl, Yagi, Discone, Loop, Biconical, Log, Periodic, Gain Horn, Dipole, antenna pylon, turntables, TEM-cells, E-/H-field sensors, meassure transmitter and meassure generators, recievers, EMI-analyser and -reciever, preamplifier and more

Shielded and anechoic chambers in modular construction, also measurement chambers as well as 19 inch cabinets in several heights. Furthermore high frequency doors (hydraulic usage as well).